Media Room

Here’s our collection of songs, videos, and links pertaining to love and relationships, and we’d love for you to contribute ideas!

Here is a list of songs:

“More Beautiful You”  By Johnny Diaz

“Love is Waiting”  by Brooke Fraser

“Comatose” by Skillet
“Wait for you” by Elliott Yamin
“My Front Porch Lookin In” by Lonestar

“Lost” by Red
“Never be the same” by Red
“Love story” by Taylor Swift

“You Belong With Me”  by Taylor Swift

“Crush” by David Archuletta
“Fly” by Sara Groves

“Love bug” by Jonas Brothers
“Meant to live for so much more” by: Switchfoot
“Wait for me” by Rebecca St. James

“Sweet song of Solomon” by Sara Groves
“All right here” by Sara Groves
“Better together” by Jack Johnson

“White Flag” by Dido

“You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift

“Just the Way You Are”  by Billy Joel


“My Cheeseburger”   by Veggie Tales