Introduction / Overview






Do you plan to get married one day? Most people do. You want that relationship to count, right? To be deep, and real, and happy. Relationships are key to happiness. Some marriages are really good, but if you look around, some don’t end up that way. It might make sense to think about what you want and how to get there.


You’ve checked the map; you’ve checked the compass, and you know in what direction you need to start heading to reach your destination. But your friends keep telling you to go the opposite way. You may feel their approval for the moment, but if you head the direction they advised, you won’t end up where you want to be, will you? Where do you want to go with your life and relationships? What are your goals and your dreams and your plans?


It takes quite a while to build a house. How fast can it be destroyed? A second. It’s the same with your life. It takes time to build your life, and realize your dreams, but it only takes one, quick, bad relationship decision to destroy your plans.


The fire can be nice and cozy on a cold, winter night crackling in the fireplace, but if it gets out of the fireplace, it can burn down your house and be dangerous and destructive. Sex inside the fireplace of marriage is a good thing, but outside of that safe place come diseases, pregnancies, and emotional and relational consequences that can destroy your life.

Dead Fish

It takes a strong person to go against the flow of the culture. Going with the flow is easy . . . any dead fish can float downstream. It’s easy to say, “I’ll just do what everyone else is doing.” Right now the culture is saying you should be having sex in your dating . . . or you are a loser. The decision to wait is counter-cultural, but it’s strong.

Locker Room Buzz

No guy comes into the locker room at the beginning of the week, and says, “Dude, I just had the most awesome experience of abstinence ever this weekend! Let me tell you all the details of my non-sexuality.” No, probably won’t happen. Even though there are quite a few people not having sex in high school and college, it is unlikely that you will hear about it. Be strong . . . you are not alone!


If you’ve been heading in the wrong direction, and making decisions that aren’t good for you, you are not alone. You also won’t be alone in making a U-turn. Begin a fresh start. So many people have been hurt deeply through sexual involvement, and have found hope in a new beginning. You don’t have to keep going down the same path, making the same mistakes. You’re future stretches out before you, and it’s never too late to make even drastic changes to your standards and your relationships. Don’t look back; turn around, take time to heal, and start investing in your future love now.