Most people are hoping to find real love one day. But how do you get there? Going with the flow of the culture might not be the best idea, right? Like a fire, sex is great when it's where it belongs, but physically, relationally, and emotionally destructive when out of bounds. That's why we want you to consider postponing sex until your wedding night. We want you to realize that you are a gift that you will one day give your future husband/wife. Even if the gift of you has been opened, you can rewrap it and start over.

We all make decisions we later regret and we all need to do a 180degree turn at some point in our lives. So remember, you are just as valuable as ever and you are definitely not alone. Learn more about others just like you.

Intro Relational Emotional Physical

The Ocean: Deep and mysterious. Real deal love. Dive in!

The Kiddie Pool: Shallow. Lame. Unsatisfying. Enter at your own risk.

A Fresh Start: Hurting? You are not alone.

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