Virginity is a Gift

Your virginity is a gift to your future love.

Guys, believe it or not, your virginity is quite a gift. It is a symbol of strength, love, trust, faithfulness, freedom, and focus. You see, you may not think of yourself as a gift, but since most people end up getting married one day, you will be the best gift that ever walks into the life of some young lady.

You may not think you are funny enough, or cool enough, or buff enough for some girl to be interested in you, but very likely one day some girl will think you’re the best. Your virginity or abstinence has to do with being a strong man. We all want to know we have what it takes to be the man, to get the job done, to win respect, and impress the girl. The culture is trying to say that to prove you’re a man you have to “get some” from lots of girls. You know, be the “player” like James Bond . . . meet one girl tonight, have sex with her, then meet another tomorrow night and forget the first one. Somehow that is supposed to prove you’re a man who has what it takes. Let’s break that down.

What kind of man wins our respect? Do we respect someone who will lie, manipulate, and use other people to get his own needs met? In other words, his actions communicate this: “The world revolves around me, and as long as I get what I want, that is all that matters”. We don’t respect that in a man.

We respect a man who can be trusted, who cares about other people, who uses his strength to respect and protect young ladies rather than just use them. We respect a man who knows that true love is doing what is best for the other person, and wanting them to be all they can be in life. We respect a man who works hard, can be depended on, and provides for his wife and children.

So I challenge you, young men. Be strong men. It takes a lot of strength when every cell in your body seems to be saying, “You are so pretty, I would love to jump on you right now,” but you say, “Whoa, cowboy, I am going to respect and protect my future and hers by waiting. I am going to love her mind, and her heart, and we will look forward to the sex present.” That takes incredible strength, guys, and I would have so much respect for any one of you who can do that these next few years. It won’t be easy because there is so much sex and pornography in your faces, but it is worth it. You have to be careful, guys, because there are a lot of girls out there who don’t respect themselves too much, and they are giving themselves away pretty easily, and even pushing guys to have sex. Your future plans and future love, your True North, are too important for you to give in to that pressure. Save yourself for your future wife . . . your princess. She will be so happy you waited for her!

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