Rose Petals

roseGirls, “Rose Petals” is about how we can begin to give away ourselves before we give away our virginity. Imagine that a rose represents you . . . it’s beautiful – has a couple thorns and rough spots, but it’s gorgeous and special, just like you are. In the story, as the girl slowly surrenders more of her heart and herself to her boyfriend, her rose petals slowly are plucked off too, until there is nothing left but the stem.

roseAutumn air. She studied at her local high school. She laid low. Undercover. She fit in where she could; hid her real feelings inside. He would walk by, and her heart would melt. She crushed. She dreamed. Thoughts of him never ceased. She checked her phone endlessly for a missed call, or a text message. She wrote his name with hers. She loved . . . or she thought she did. In fact, she surrendered her emotions. Rose Petal

The t-shirt and faded jeans were no longer enough. She shopped for clothing that would show off her style. She looked in the mirror. Unsatisfied. More skin. The lower the cut, the tighter the top . . . anything to catch his eye. A size too small. Left the coat at home. Because she wanted him to love her . . . or she thought she did. Indeed, she compromised her modesty. Rose Petal

Winter came, and the longing set in. She dreamed of a first kiss and a tell tale life. He asked her out. At first they talked like good friends do, but it wasn’t enough. Inadequate. Where was the romance? The fingers went out, and he caught her hand in his. It became normal. Everyday. Holding hands. He couldn’t let her go – she was his now. Possession. She told him that she loved him . . . or she thought she did. Surely, she yielded her own hands. Rose Petal

roseInsufficient. Nonchalant. He reached for her, and they hugged. Arms around one another. She would always love him . . . or she thought she would. They held each other. Certainly, she submitted her arms. Rose Petal

Springtime arrived. She held her head high, and stepped into new territory. Fearless, looked for adventure. A clear, cool night; a first kiss. It was true love . . . or she thought it was. Kisses again and again. Pleasure. Indubitably, she gave up her lips. Rose Petal

Without saying a word, one kiss went one step further. Couldn’t hold back. Delight. This was love . . . or she thought it was. In reality, she resigned her mouth. Rose Petal

roseSummer adventure. She planned and dreamed for her future. She was bold and confident. Audacious. Hugs became a game of sorts. Feel. Touch. Caress. He loved her . . . or he said he did. Without question, she relinquished her body. Rose Petal

And one night, he asked for all of her. If she truly loved him. . . . Cement this bond between them. They loved each other . . . or they thought so. They gave it up. In truth, she laid down her virginity. Rose Petal

roseGraduation. They headed off to different colleges, and broke if off between them. They wouldn’t see one another again, but they had given one another the most precious treasure that they could . . . the present of themselves in their purity.

She finally meets her real deal love. The real thing. Her life-mate. What’s left for her to give him? Her stem is now bare, and someone else holds her petals. It’s hard, but his love conquers that. He’ll never unwrap the gift of her purity.

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